My personal journey and lessons learned in “underperforming”

We’re doing something I don’t do often on today’s livestream…

We’re getting personal, specifically about my breastfeeding journey – and I’m doing so because my experience there brought up so much for me in terms of my mindset, and the pattern I noticed there ties in so closely to the ones we find ourselves looping in with our businesses, too. 

Most specifically, the pattern that comes up when you think you aren’t doing or being ENOUGH. 

There is SO much I have to say on this topic and something I constantly help clients with. That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss my personal journey and lessons learned in “underperforming.”

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • My struggles with breastfeeding, the mindset I adopted with all the ways in which I tried to solve the problem, and how it relates to the way we often think about our performance in business.
  • The “Type A Trifecta” that has us investing in ALL the things and what to be aware of with marketing once you start buying the solutions you’re chasing.
  • The takeaways I want you to use when and if you notice patterns of spiraling out around underperforming in business so you can make yourself right and own YOUR amazing results.


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