My golden rule for SERIOUS coaching and sales success

(that you can implement right MEOW)

Do you crave MASSIVE transformation for your clients? Are you always on the lookout for ways to better serve your people and up-level your craft?

When it comes to coaching, what you say on both free + paid calls totally matters, right? Because your job as a coach starts the second someone enters your sales process and your ability to create epic results starts right then too.

That’s why I went live to share my golden rule for SERIOUS coaching and sales success. (One that you can implement immediately!)

If you want to better your work as a coach — both through the quality of your coaching calls AND by closing more sales in the first place — you don’t want to miss this one.

Here’s what I talked about:
• My #1 rule for coaching and sales success… (1:44)
• Why coaching and sales *feel* hard (5:12)
• It’s my job to be okay with THIS — even if I don’t always like it (7:36)
• When you make *this* deal with yourself… you will feel so different about showing up (22:38)
• We’re confused as coaches — here’s why your clients are really hiring you (25:03)
• If you’re a great coach, you WILL have these kinds of conversations (28:13)
• How to grow a business with clients that are the right fit (35:56)


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