My Clients’ Biggest Launch Secret

From 13, 20 and even 100 person launches

My clients have recently been launching programs with really amazing results… 13, 20, and even 100 person launches! And even though each of them have used different strategies for their launches, I’ve noticed one thing they all have in common that I believe has contributed to their success. I’m talking all about that “launch secret” in this video:


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • (4:00) – The “one thing” needed for your launch to work
  • (5:50) – The truth about sales from launches
  • (7:40) – What most people are doing that reinforces the belief that “it’s not working”
  • (8:50) – The question to ask when choosing a launch strategy
  • (12:15) – What really doesn’t work
  • (17:35) – “The thing” is…
  • (19:35) – What no one tells you about launching
  • (21:45) – Where people waste the most energy in launching
  • (23:15) – Your launch plan doesn’t need to be complicated, it just has to be…
  • (25:50) – Winning before you’ve already won
  • (29:20) – Staying in it all the way
  • (31:30) – Momentum and other benefits of launching
  • (35:00) – What you do and don’t want to do after a launch
  • (39:50) – Detaching from the results


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