Mastermind Best Practices with Ellie Swift

We did a surprise bonus livestream this week on a topic that I am SO excited to share with y’all. 

I went live with my friend and client Ellie Swift to talk all things masterminds. 

Ellie has a seven figure business built entirely off of mastermind offers (3 to be exact), and has perfected running these containers in a way that is scalable but also deeply valuable. 

I feel like one of the biggest challenges in our industry is that when so many business owners scale, the value they deliver becomes less and less because they haven’t set up the right systems to support them AND their clients. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. 

We talk about the best practices for running a mastermind. We share things like how to build yours in a results-generating way (for your CLIENTS, not just you), how to set the container right from the start (this is so important), and what to do with the challenges that come along with scaling that no one talks about… like refund requests.

This will be deeply valuable whether you’re running your own mastermind, thinking about running your own, or want to see what you should be looking for in the next mastermind you invest in!


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