Livestream with Megan: A breakdown on the big team shifts I’ve made recently

As many of y’all know, my COO Megan who has been with me for 8 years is transitioning out of A Lit Up Life in April. You can read more about our team transition here.

And while I know it was the best decision for both of us, it has not been an easy path AT ALL.

I’ve gotten so many questions from y’all on the shifts we’re making, how we’re moving through them, what the process has looked like, and how we’re handling it.

That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with Megan to give you all the behind-the-scenes details.

I know it might seem unconventional that Megan is leaving AND coming on this livestream, but that’s how we roll 😂

We were excited to give you the rundown!



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