Let’s talk “overcoming objections”

You’ve got REALLY big dreams for your business. You’re showing up. You’re doing the mindset work. Understandably, it can feel seriously defeating when a potential client has objections to working with you. You don’t feel good about being pushy to sign a new client (because ew and no), but what can you do instead?

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Facebook group for an enlightening conversation on Overcoming Objections.

Anyone can teach you about sales strategies, but I have a strategy for objections that will empower and equip you to walk through them full of integrity with potential clients. Because here’s the truth- when you sell in a  way that actually feels good to you, you sell way more, and make way more money because of it.

In this replay, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reframe I teach my clients around overcoming objections which skyrockets conversions (step aside masculine, pushy sales techniques and make room for more feminine, nurturing, and aligned energy instead!) 
  • Why getting someone to say yes on a sales call should not be your main goal (and what to focus on to keep your worth out of the equation)
  • One tried and true sales practice you may be missing out on which keeps you from building deeper relationships and getting more sales calls

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