Let’s have a real talk about the industry contraction and what’s coming next

If you’ve been around the online business space for a while, you’ve probably felt the shift moving through since 2023 began (and maybe even earlier). This is one that many are talking about behind-the-scenes, and I know you all love a little bit of a ranty but productive conversation around hot topics…so I figured it was time to bring this one to light.

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss both the contraction (and subsequent expansion) that I see happening in our industry. 

You’ll hear my take on the why behind it, and what’s coming next – because that’s the most important piece of this, what we all DO with it. And what comes next is really up to all of us, right?

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • What I mean by “contraction” specifically, what it does NOT mean, and reasons why I believe this is happening (based on both data and anecdotes)
  • Why we need to be careful with the “how to run a business without actually running a business” narrative and normalize the shifts we’re seeing take place right now as part of the game
  • My thoughts on the idea that the online coaching bubble is going to “burst” and the important questions we need to be asking ourselves about our individual businesses as the market evolves 
  • Caution and advice around making adjustments in your business (raising or lowering prices, changing offers, your business model etc.) as a response to what’s going on in the industry 
  • The importance of gaining/keeping trust, backing your business, and being a thought leader as the coaching space continues to grow


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