Kicking off Season 8 of LITerally with our coachee Angie Brown

The moment you’ve been waiting for 🥁🥁🥁

Season 8 of LITerally is premiering on June 21st and you’ll get two episodes right off the bat with our new coachee, Angie Brown!

Angie is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and coach who works with people and organizations in the education sector, and you’re going to hear all about the incredible work she’s doing as she stretches herself and her business into new territories.

One of the biggest things I see entrepreneurs stuck in is how to take an already successful business and turn it into something that’s actually supportive and nourishing, rather than a drain as you continue to scale.

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to introduce Angie and dive into what you’ll hear this upcoming season of the podcast. You’re going to LOVE her (and her accent!) and I believe she’s going to bring such an important and new angle that every business owner who listens will benefit from.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Diving into who Angie is, her mission with her work in DEI, and balancing that mission with personal life
  • The reclamation of coaching we want to showcase during this season of the podcast and what that actually looks like 
  • Angie’s thoughts on being the first Black Woman on LITerally and how she hopes to impact other minority individuals in the online space
  • Her experience with investing in a Mastermind that didn’t live up to its promises and navigating the choice to speak out against injustices in the coaching industry


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