Introducing our Season Six LITerally Coachee!

It’s HERE!!! I can’t believe we’re launching LITerally® Season SIX! Those of you who have been along on this ride know we’ve seen clients do amazing things from booking out courses to creating $80k in revenue in just three months and SO MUCH personal and business growth. We’ve been with them through the challenges, huge moments of growth, and watched as they figured out business AND life (with more than a few curve balls thrown their way)! 

I went live inside The Lit Up and Loaded Entrepreneur to introduce you to our Season Six coachee. She does something totally different than we’ve seen before, and we kick off the season with a big life change for her. We’re meeting her right at the cusp of creating this next phase of her life and business, and I am so excited to introduce her to you! 

Are you ready for all this goodness?! Prepare for a huge dose of inspiration and to experience momentum building in a way that will empower you in your own business. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

In this replay, you’ll:

  • Meet the new coachee (and see her lovely face!) and hear what she does (it’s really different than anything we’ve seen before on the podcast).
  • Learn about the huge life transitions she was going through right when we started and some of the core things we worked through (this is going to resonate with SO MANY of you guys).
  • Hear us chat about the MYTH that the only way to make money in the online space is as a business coach (y’all already know I had LOTS of thoughts around this!)


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