Introducing our Season 3 LITerally Coachee

Guess what’s coming back soon ???

I am gearing up for season THREE of the LITerally® Podcast and once again this season is a totally different direction from its predecessor.

Without giving away alllll the secrets, I want you to know that I’m committed to showing you the real, raw truth of building and running a profitable business that lights you the eff up.

If you want to do work you absolutely LOVE… If you DON’T have #allthehours to work on your biz but you DO want success and financial freedom… this season is going to serve you BIG.

Sooo, want to meet the INCREDIBLE human who has graciously and bravely committed to letting us witness her journey over the next six months?

I did a livestream in my FB community The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to introduce our Season 3 LITerally® Coachee!



Here’s what you’ll learn:

• The ✌️main reasons I picked Rachel for Season 3 (and how this will serve you BIG)
• How to vote with your dollars + Rachel’s take on donations, debt, and separating your business finances from your personal finances
• When exactly Season 3 will kick off (and one way this season will be VERY different from Season 2 ?)

In addition to sharing the inside scoop on this new season, we also talked about a scholarship I’m supporting right now in Louiza Doran’s program, RECLAIM, and one way you can get directly involved in supporting it as well. If you want to support Black women in their healing, liberation, and reclamation work OR if you are a Black Woman or Woman of Color – check out Louiza’s (Weeze’s) work here::


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