Introducing our newest Season 4 LITerally Coachee!

It’s almost back, y’all.

LITerally® (the reality-TV-like business podcast that pulls back the curtain to quite LITERALLY let you hear/witness/be part of six months of actual coaching sessions with one of my clients) is just about back for another season. And as always, you’ll get to hear it ALL.

The wins.
The challenges.
The doubt.
The strategy.

Every season of LITerally® is different from its predecessor and that’s in large part due to the incredible humans who commit to showing up, being honest, and getting coached *publicly* for six whole months. So, wondering what to expect and WHO I’ll be coaching this season?!?!

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to introduce you to our newest LITerally Coachee!

Are they a coach?
Do they run an agency?
Are they a solopreneur?
Do they have a team of 10 or 20?
Are they new in business?
Have they been in business for a decade+?
What are they struggling with?
What do they hope to accomplish this year?

I truly cannot wait to share with you who I’m coaching for Season 4 of LITerally… this season is unlike any other and it’s going to serve you SO big!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • WHO I’m coaching (publicly) for season four of the LITerally® podcast (and what you can expect this season)
  • How this season is unlike ANY other (hint: Ally is not a coach and she’s been in business for a decade ?)
  • Why I told Ally she might actually *hate* working together (plus the reason she’s NOT setting an income goal and why this might be the permission you need, too)


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