If you’re not sold on yourself no one else will be

Real tips on getting SOLD on you in a big way so you can make bank

You have to be sold on yourself or no one else will be.

So many times we wait for something else outside of us (client, followers, website, sales) to prove to us that we’re awesome, and then we’ll be sold on ourselves.

This is the #1 most detrimental thing I see BOTH new and seasoned entrepreneurs doing to themselves.

This topic has been coming up in a lot of my coaching sessions with clients lately, and there is such a need to talk about this that I decided to do a livestream in my group, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur!

I talked about:

  • Why you have to be sold on yourself first (2:32)
  • Driving the emotion behind emotion-based buying (9:12)
  • What your clients need from you (12:40)
  • Do you really believe that you are the best at what you do? (15:15)
  • Stepping into your zone of genius (and what that means to me) (18:41)
  • No one is going to be more sold on you than you are (22:37)
  • If you feel like you’re doing all the right things and it’s not working, the problem is usually… (25:21)
  • The mindset and practical work of getting sold on yourself (28:36)
  • The absolute foundation of sales (33:26)
  • What are you super sold on about yourself? What is your commitment to getting even more sold on yourself? (40:58)


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