Identity vs. Circumstance and why this mindset concept can change EVERYTHING in your business

One concept that has been a huge game changer for so many of my clients is embracing the identity of someone who is a successful business owner. It might seem obvious at first but it’s something so few of us focus on but is one of those things that impacts your business and income at every level. 

I went live in The Lit Up and Loaded Entrepreneur to share about how we create identities in our business and how to own an identity that will make you MORE successful in your business (vs. just chasing new circumstances). 

If you’ve ever wondered why it feels harder and harder to get things done and really FEEL the success you’re creating, this will be a gamechanger for you (especially if you’re a high performer who is always after the next goal or outcome!!).

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • What to focus on that will help you continue to show up for your business no matter what comes your way (good or bad!)
  • How to lean into an identity that is aligned with who you are and the business you WANT to have
  • The mindset work I do with my clients that helps them create MASSIVE results


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