Huge Transformations with Julia Wells

I went live with one of my amazing clients, Julia Wells, to talk about the HUGE transformation she’s made over the last year (we’re talking about going from 0-$500k in sales in 9 months- after being in biz for years) and how there’s ONE thing that it all comes down to.

Here’s what we share:
• THE #1 reason we feel ease about showing up in business right now (and how you can, too, no matter how things may have changed for you personally)
• How to consistently take the right action and get what you want (+ the “secret” most coaches aren’t telling you this- seriously, this will surprise you!)
• The path to quantum leaps in business (and how Julia scaled from $0 to $450k in sales in 9 months)
• Why some entrepreneurs struggle to create results for YEARS (and 3 questions to ask yourself next time you feel fear or doubt)


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