How We Keep Getting Big Results During Times of Chaos

With the right support, the right mindset, a hefty dose of passion + strategy, plus a willingness to do “the work”, it IS possible to continue getting big results (or start seeing them for the first time) even now.

Even if you have kids at home.
Even if you only have 2 hours to work each day.
Even if you have to completely change your launch plans.
Even if things feel totally uncertain or unsettled in your personal life.

Creating big results is all about mindset, strategy, and execution, even and especially now.

That’s why I went live with my COO, Megan Schopieray, to share how we keep getting big results during times of chaos.

This is an incredibly relevant livestream as we break down WHY we’re still seeing results here at A Lit Up Life and HOW we’re still showing up with ease.


Here’s what we share:
• The FIRST question we asked ourselves as COVID-19 became more prevalent
• How to communicate with your team so that you grow even during hard times (and what two things I recommend my clients do when it comes to team)
• What one rule we operate by in ALUL that prevents burnout and overwhelm (and how we can pivot so easily and quickly when the marketplace changes)


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