How to scale your business without being IN your business 24/7

Wondering how the heck you’re supposed to scale and continue to grow your business without consistently being IN it and doing all the things? I talk about strategic scaling with many of my clients and host livestreams often on this topic inside The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur. So grab a notebook, get your favorite pen, and buckle up for a conversation about the #1 thing that’s worth the MOST of your time and energy if you’re trying to scale.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • (2:44) What drives our business when we first get started
  • (4:34) What it means to be energetically in your business and why that’s what matters
  • (5:40) How dedicating energy to your business every single day does not mean dedicating hours of time every single day
  • (9:48) The problem I see entrepreneurs have when they try scaling their business
  • (11:05) The difference between “stepping back” and “stepping out” of your business
  • (14:56) Why you should focus more on onboarding a team member rather than offboarding a task
  • (17:37) The thing that’s worth the most time and energy if you want to scale your business
  • (20:27) What has made the biggest difference for me in hiring the right team members
  • (25:00) The key question you need to know the answer to before you start scaling
  • (29:59) Why it’s not a great idea to delegate before you have a process that you know creates results
  • (33:02) Why you should get clear on what works first, then delegate


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