How to make business SUPER easy (and why it feels so hard

Does business ever just feel really freaking hard?

I get it. It used to feel hard for me too. And for a lot of my clients before we start working together.

And here’s the thing… there are many parts of business that ARE IN FACT difficult (I’m never going to be the one to say it’s all rainbows and unicorns).

But, so often we’re making it SO much more difficult than it actually needs to be. There are smart ways to work through the things that make it hard.

That’s why I did a livestream to talk all about this topic and what you can actually do to shift your experience, beliefs, and story around this.

Here’s what I talked about:
• What does ease or “easy” even mean? (2:31)
• Where most of us get really stuck (15:27)
• The importance of noticing when you’re in your own way (21:48)
• The power of bringing a positive, solid mindset to your business (28:49)

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