How sales are evolving in our space and 2 important things to consider NOW

There are more programs and offers than ever before in our space and that’s why the way we approach sales has to evolve. It’s NOT that the market is “too saturated” but it is true that we have to stand out and reach our potential clients in NEW ways.

There are more problems than ever (we’re being told we have to solve), more programs than ever (all saying they can solve those problems in totally different ways), and so in order to connect to the clients YOU can best help (and make more sales), how you approach objections, discovery calls, and creating content for your business has to evolve with the market.

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, to talk about how sales are evolving in our space and 2 important things to consider NOW.

I promise you, this will be a game changer for you in how you do sales and will be incredibly relevant for any programs, offers, or services you’re selling now or plan to sell for the rest of the year!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

• Best practices for capturing your audience’s attention right now (and how doing these things will make sales calls, event conversions, and filling your programs easier)

• How to write “problem awareness” content and why writing more content like this will improve your content marketing strategy and lead to more sales

• What the buyer’s journey looks like now (including how it’s changed over the last year) and what you need to know to make sure you’re NOT leaving 💸💸 on the table


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