How Impact, Income and EVEN EXCHANGE actually work to create BIG results

Want to make a bigger impact through your work? Craving an increase in income over this next year?

If you’re nodding your head thinking ‘heck yes, girl!’, then you’ll want to watch my livestream on how impact, income, and even exchange work to create BIG results in your life and biz.

I promise you, this will make ALL the difference in not only how fast you increase impact + income in your biz but ALSO how damn good you feel along the way!

Here’s what I share:
• Income and impact are intertwined in your business (it’s never one or the other) (2:05)
• How to use an even exchange of energy to create big results in business (7:34)
• The one idea that’s foundational to my own practice with even energy exchange (and the question to ask yourself with every income goal) (9:22)
• How to shift from a micro perspective to a macro perspective (17:21)
• How to make sure you’re ALSO receiving value back (20:23)
• How to use your business to make an impact beyond your community or clients (27:25)
• If you put out value, you’ll get it back, but you have to do this FIRST (33:31)

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