How I write content fast and make sure it easily connects with my audience

Writing and sharing great content is one of THE best strategies for growing an online business. But just because you might *want* to consistently create content doesn’t mean it’s always *easy* to know what to say.

WANTING to post but not knowing WHAT to write can be so frustrating. And staring at a blinking cursor or blank Google doc isn’t just bad for your mental health… it’s bad for business ?‍♀️

That’s why I went live to share How I Write Content Fast and Make Sure It Easily Connects With My Audience.

Join me as I break down exactly how I plan my content, how I make sure I’m always inspired to write (and never feeling pressure to just hurry up and post something), and how I create in a way that I know will connect with my audience and ultimately lead to clients.

Plus, I’ll share how I do all of this QUICKLY because creating great content that connects doesn’t have to take forever!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason it feels hard to quickly and consistently write great content (and how to fix this so you never again feel stuck on what to share!)
  • The process I use to pre plan and outline my content weeks and months in advance so I ALWAYS know what to post AND can show up consistently
  • 3 ways I cultivate inspiration in my business and the 5 lenses I use to write content I KNOW will connect with my audience


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