How I paid off $200k in student loan debt in 2018

I did something REALLY. REALLY. BIG. in 2018.

I paid off ALL my student loans. And for perspective, there were A LOT of them.

Two masters degrees at private schools and a total disregard and lack of understanding for what money really meant in my early twenties lead to $200,000 in student loan debt. And in 2018 alone? I paid off ALL $200k of that.

(Before that I was making payments but it was basically just paying the interest, which you totally get if you have student loans.)

So I went live in my Facebook group The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to share EXACTLY how I did it (and what you can do to get BIG results in your business)!

Here’s what I shared:
• Giving yourself grace and finding the gratitude in your mistakes (1:23)
• The power of deciding (4:51)
• Detaching and letting the magic happen (7:47)
• Staying committed even when it doesn’t perfectly look like it’s going work out (11:03)
• Long-term and mid-range investments (14:22)
• You’ll see it when you believe it and not being afraid to invest in your business (19:36)
• Stacking results and the compound effect in your business (23:48)
• Choosing to say no to other opportunities that don’t get you to your goal (28:54)
• Stay open to however it’s going to happen (37:51)


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