How I added $100k to my 2018 income WITHOUT adding extra work

In 2018, I added $100k to my income WITHOUT adding extra work.

So often we hear a “shiny” result like that and it sounds incredible, but we don’t get the full story of how it happened and what went into achieving that result.

I’m all about being real with my audience, which is why I hosted a livestream in my FB community to pull back the curtain. I don’t want to give the illusion that it just *snap* happened like that. It was a process – and I’m sharing all about that with you in this video.

Here’s what I talked about:

• The specifics of how I added $100K without adding extra work (1:23)
• Being willing to do things differently (4:49)
• The backstory of how this all came together (8:37)
• The mistake we make as entrepreneurs when it comes to inspired ideas (10:59)
• Playing the long term game in your business (19:09)
• The value of testing and tweaking, and staying committed (23:21)
• The questions to ask yourself to lead to your first or next six figures (28:24)
• The reason I made money is because I help my clients… (34:02)


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