My #1 hack for how to think about and pick your strategy that will get you exponential results

There’s one “hack” businesses that grow well (and sustainably) have implemented into EVERY strategy they use.

In fact, this hack works so well that I use it with each and every one of my clients. Whenever a client comes to me wondering if they should add a new strategy to their business — whether they should start a podcast, go live each week on Facebook, start on Pinterest, or show up more consistently on IG stories, for example – I ALWAYS ask them one very important question first.

Because when you’re deciding what to do next in your business to get more results, this one hack makes ALL the difference!

That’s why, I went live to share My #1 Hack for How to Think About and Pick Your Strategy That Will Get You Exponential Results.

If you want to build a rock-solid foundation that will create the best results for your business, this one’s for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The most important Q to ask yourself when picking a strategy (and how to know you’re ready to add something new to your business)
  • How I teach my clients to approach strategy in business versus what keeps MANY business owners stuck
  • The easiest way to scale and create more results (and how to avoid the most time-consuming and expensive approach to growth!)
  • Exactly when to start your own Facebook group or podcast (and the mistake I see most business owners make that keeps their group or podcast from growing)
  • 3 things to do BEFORE you add any new strategy (i.e. Facebook group, Instagram stories, podcast, etc.) to your business


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