Exactly how to get your team to flawlessly execute your big vision with Megan Schopieray

When it comes to team, no one really teaches us how to delegate, what to delegate, or the best way to divide and conquer so that everything gets done (and heck, gets done even better than you’d do on your own).

As CEO, are you supposed to come to your OBM or COO with everything mapped out? Do you have the idea and the details ready to go… or is there some sort of collaboration that works best?

You know you’re still responsible for your business vision and where you’re headed (you’re still steering the ship!), but now that you have a team to help you execute, who exactly does what?

My COO Megan and I get a LOT of team questions from clients and so we went live to share our thoughts on exactly how to get your team to flawlessly execute your big vision.

We’ll be sharing the behind-the-scenes of our big picture strategy and how we work together to make new business ideas come to life. If you have a team or want one, this live will make ALL the difference when it comes to delegation and getting things done with ease!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 7 keys to running a well-oiled virtual team (and the 2 “D’s” to pass along to your team so they can support you best as possible)
  • What to ask potential team members during the hiring process to make sure you find the right fit for YOUR business and goals
  • How to be happy with your team (and make sure they’re happy with you) so you get more done, save more money, and consistently move towards your long-term vision


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