Exactly how I planned + prepped for a successful maternity leave w/ my COO Megan

By far, the most asked question I’ve gotten since announcing my pregnancy is what I’m planning to do for maternity leave. 

And I totally get it. It can feel scary to take a long leave of absence from your business. I know so many are especially curious because I have a 1:1 business model, which our industry typically tells us means we can’t take time off (not true!!). 

So, I went live in The Lit Up and Loaded Entrepreneur with my COO, Megan Schopieray, to chat about how long we’ve been planning my leave, why I intentionally chose not to get paid for some months (+ how I planned to make that work), how much work I did leading up, what the team needed, and how this works with a 1:1 model. Literally everything you could want to know, we’re breaking it down here. 

If you’re pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or want to know how you could take a sabbatical or long vacation, you don’t want to miss any detail of how I’m going to be able to step away from my seven-figure business for a few months.

In this replay, you’ll:

  • See how far in advance I started planning (+ what we told our team and planned for their roles) 
  • Hear what I’m doing about money and my clients during maternity leave (and what else I COULD have done – this is about making it work for you!)
  • Learn how we planned all our content and got everything prepared with a full month to spare in my maternity leave


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