Exactly how I built a multi six figure business model that actually serves me in a BIG WAY

Let’s talk results. Or, more importantly, let’s talk about results so that we’re ALSO talking about the possibility that they can be YOURS.

Because here’s what you need to know.

We celebrate someone else’s success because (1) the more we focus on good (ANY good for ANY human) the more good comes our way and (2) if something is possible for someone else then it’s possible for you, too.

Basically, if you SEE something, CELEBRATE something because that something can be yours one day, too.

You feel me on this?

I recently hit 4 years with A Lit Up Life and over those 4 years I’ve had some pretty epic milestones.

For example,
— I made $20k months my 2nd month in business.
— I brought in over $100k in less than a year.
— I made multiple six figures in 16 months.
— I add $100k to my income *every* year. (And without adding any extra work.)

On top of all of that?

The business model in which I’ve created these results is one that serves me in a BIG way.

That’s why I did this livestream talking about *how* I built this multi six figure business model that serves me really really well. Plus, I broke down my top 5 secrets for doing it all with ease.

This was the kickoff to my Six Figure Secrets livestream event where my Millionaire Makers Mastermind clients + I are sharing our secrets to five-figure months, success on your own terms, and real scalability! (If you haven’t signed up to join us yet, sign up here so you can get reminders + recaps throughout the series!)

Here’s what you’ll learn from this first livestream:
• The 2 most important things I did to hit $20k my second month in business (hint: it’s not nearly as complicated as you think)
• How to fast track the know, like and trust factor with your audience and shorten it from months to minutes
• The biggest ticket to success in business & the #1 ability you must cultivate to make more money and have a bigger impact
• The Qs you need to ask yourself if you want to scale with ease and run a sustainable biz that lights you up (and how not asking these questions will lead straight to burnout and overwhelm regardless of how much cash you bring in)


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