Ease is different than easy

A practical convo on how to make your business feel good WHILE getting big results

There are two things many of my clients think when the word “ease” is thrown around business: (1) They want it, or at least more of it, and (2) They’re frustrated by it because what they’re being told will grow their business doesn’t exactly feel easy.

And I get it.

I often mention that I feel more ease running A Lit Up Life now than I ever have in the four years I’ve been in business (and I am working one-on-one with more clients than ever, on track for a $600k cash year, hosting weekly livestreams, two podcasts, and client lessons on IG stories, and running multiple masterminds). But what most business owners (me, included) forget to tell you is that the ease we feel has less to do with WHAT we’re doing and more to do with HOW we’re doing it.

That’s why, I went live to share how ease is different than easy and have a practical conversation about how to make your business feel good WHILE getting big results.

Ease is NOT necessarily about chasing the day when you can work as few hours as possible. It’s NOT about only implementing strategies that feel easy 100% of the time. Because if you keep looking for THAT – for the strategy that only and ever feels good and “easy” – then you’re going to be looking (and frustrated) for a really long time.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs feel stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed
  • The ✌? decisions (and 3 things) that create the most ease in business (and the #1 way business owners RESIST ease)
  • How to choose the strategy that feels good AND returns big results (and how to create ease during a launch, on social media, or while doing follow-ups)


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