Different business models, strategies behind them, and their benefits and tradeoffs

Here’s the thing…

Most people are selling you how to build THEIR business model.

And while I think there are lots of problems with that, the biggest one is this…

It often keeps them from being FULLY transparent about the benefits and tradeoffs of what it entails.

As someone who loves 1:1 services, I’ve spent the last few years figuring out how to scale while staying focused on 1:1 only (And in a sense, I’ve cracked the code as far as what works for me… I have a long wait list and had a $76k cash month last month). However, there are pluses and minuses to EVERYTHING and NO client of mine has the same business model I do.

Some of them:
-Have a course launch model
-Have a hybrid model (of courses/higher ticket offers)
-Have an agency model (i.e. done for you work they contract out)
-Have a 1:1 model

If there’s one thing I can’t say enough it’s that there’s no one size fits all approach to building and growing a sustainable business you love. And the truth? Clients in ALL of these business models are making multi-six and seven figures, are having big launches, etc. AND they ALL have tradeoffs associated with them.

Seriously. There is no “one perfect business” where there are zero issues or tradeoffs. In my opinion, the magic is about picking our tradeoffs and walking into them with eyes wide open.

That’s why I went live to talk about different business models, the strategies behind them, and their benefits and tradeoffs so that you can pick the one best for YOU.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your business or you’re ready to scale to multi-six or seven figures, this business model breakdown will help ensure you grow in a way that lights you up the most!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A breakdown of the 4 core business models to grow and scale your business (and how to pick the right one for you!)
  • The pros AND cons of courses, 1:1, hybrid, and agencies (and the #1 BIGGEST misconception in our industry)
  • How profit margin, income potential, and team size vary model to model (and the most important Qs to ask yourself before committing to a business model)



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