A deep dive into my business model + numbers

One of the things that is most important to me in business is doing things in a way that truly works for me (not what worked for someone else or what the big “next thing” is).

I’ve found that often in this space, not enough people are talking about the REAL numbers in their biz. That’s exactly why I decided to pull back the curtain and share a behind-the-scenes look at my business model and numbers, plus how you can apply this to your own business to seriously make bank.

In this livestream, I talked about:
•How we often see such a narrow view of business models in the service industry, how I’m so not into that, and what I do instead (1:50)
•Revenue vs. Profit and Sales vs. Cash (5:25)
•A look behind the scenes of my business in June (8:00)
•The question to ask yourself when looking at your goals and numbers(10:15)
•Why people start burning out and stop liking their business (14:15)
•Taking off the pressure and being in alignment with your goals (18:05)
•The questions to ask yourself to design a business model that works for you (23:50)
•What you want isn’t for it to be perfect, what you want is for it to be… (28:20)
•Another really important conversation that we’re not all having (32:30)
•The thing I want to tell you most is that you get to… (35:00)
•The underlying conversation I want to change (and how we can all thrive) (36:50)



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