Creating certainty in your business and marketing strategy

I recently went to a retreat where I spoke with another participant, who has an eight-figure business that relies heavily on data. And she said something that I wish every single woman in the online space could hear…

She said that she loves marketing *because* she knows with certainty what works, what it does for her, and how to get what she wants from it. 

This is why I preach data. This is why I’m so passionate about it. Because not only does it give you SO MUCH certainty, but it makes every other task in your business better and more fun because of it. 

That is also why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my Datable Co-CEO, Jen Grayeb, to dive into what it means to really create certainty in your business and marketing strategy. 

We talked about what this looks like from a data perspective, explored the mindset behind it and shared practical strategies on what it means to really implement and leverage this in your own business. 

Even if you’re not a numbers person or data-phobic- this convo is for you! And honestly? It might change your entire business.



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