Coaching Challenging Clients and STILL getting BIG results

Let’s face it, coaching can be a challenging process (both for the coach and the client). At its core, coaching is designed to be confronting, to ask difficult questions, shift our perspective, push us outside our comfort zone and interrupt our patterns.

We often only discuss the end results that come from coaching, and don’t shed enough light on how messy the process can be to get there.

That’s why I did a livestream to talk about coaching challenging clients and still getting big results. Because often your most challenging clients have the biggest opportunity for transformation and results!

I talked about:
• Challenging doesn’t mean bad (3:15)
• The questions to focus on if you have a challenging client (4:30)
• If you get better at coaching challenging clients, you also get better at calling in clients (8:49)
• Being okay with your client’s discomfort (10:20)
• Figuring out what your actual job is (17:29)
• The importance of making sure clients have a clear vision and clear goal (22:25)
• Empowering your clients through choice (26:53)
• Getting curious rather than defensive (31:14)
• Detaching from the outcome (36:16)

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