Building long term coaching relationships (and why all of my clients stayed on through mat leave)

Something people are surprised to learn is how long some of my clients have been coaching with me. Many of my clients have been working with me for years. And while that isn’t something you typically see in the online space, please hear me when I tell y’all it is one of the catalysts for HOW my clients see huge results! 

I went live in The Lit Up and Loaded Entrepreneur to share the real value in building long-term relationships with your clients. I broke down everything from how to normalize long-term work in your containers to WHY my clients often stay on for a long time and how to incentivize re-signs. And because I believe you get to build your business YOUR way, we also talked about why this doesn’t have to be the strategy for every business and how we can normalize that too (seriously, please don’t think it means you’re a ‘bad’ coach if this isn’t how it looks for you!).

If you’re interested in what happens behind the scenes to make my work with clients last, this is a live you’ll want to catch!

In this replay, you’ll:

  • Learn the biggest reason my client see massive results while coaching with me 
  • Understand WHY I think it’s so valuable to work with a coach long term (and how it helps you create huge success)
  • Hear the toxic dynamic I see between coaches and coachees in our industry and what that relationship should actually look like


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