Boundaries with your time & team with my COO Megan

Oh, boundaries. They truly are THE key to a functioning, profitable business for any and all CEOs who love what they do. 

You know you need them, you know why they’re important, but HOW do you actually determine what yours should be and make them work for you? And more importantly…STICK to them?

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my COO Megan to discuss how to be in charge of your time, not get stuck doing everything for everyone, and be a servant leader without pushing your limits.

I always say Megan is the “woman beneath my wings” and she is an absolute boss at boundaries and team management, so you won’t want to skip out on this convo! 

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • How I (with Megan’s support, of course) maintain boundaries AND remain present and available in the business – because it doesn’t have to be one or the other!
  • Building in the time and getting to respond to clients and team versus having to
  • The platforms we use for team/client communication, why we prefer them, and why we have a clear “no Voxer” boundary in ALUL
  • Creating a culture in your business of operating as though nothing is an emergency for healthy team boundaries


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