Boring Business

When I say the word ‘boring’ what comes up for you?

Do you think it’s the worst thing in the world?

Wish you had some more ‘boring’ time in your busy life?

Maybe you can’t even remember what ‘boring’ feels like?

For many high-achieving business owners I know, they both wish they had some more ‘boring’ time and as soon as they get even a smidge of that ‘boredom’ in business, they often feel like something’s wrong and try to stir up sh*t that doesn’t need to be stirred 😂

Not only can this be quite frustrating, but it can also slow your progress. 

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss boring business. You’ll hear me talk about why sometimes more, different, and better aren’t always a good thing and how ‘boring’ can actually be what your business needs to thrive.

I also share practical tips and discuss the balance of certain things being ‘boring’ while still feeling lit up by your business (as well as how this impacts your team!).

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • What a ‘boring’ business means to me and the problem(s) that come with wanting your business to be your everything
  • Comparing the evolution of feelings in a relationship to the ones you experience in business – and why this change isn’t a bad thing
  • A client example around pursuing hobbies outside of business and the expectation of things always feeling 10/10
  • Why ALUL has been doing the same thing for YEARS and what that has created for me, both personally and as a CEO
  • The breakdown of why boring business = more profitable business with specific examples 
  • Staying put with a coach and why this can be very confronting for you as a business owner


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