BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m doing the thing I said I’d never do

There are two important things that we believe at A Lit Up Life that influence everything we do:

  1. That cookie cutter approach to growing your business? Ditch it. Personalization is key.
  2. We learn the most from our OWN business (not everyone else’s).

When an opportunity arose that fit so well with everything we believe and all the principles we operate from – I couldn’t NOT run with it. 

That’s why I went live and revealed my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I have partnered with one of my long-time clients, Jennifer Grayeb, on our new joint business venture…. DATABLE.

This has the capacity for us to achieve bigger results faster, make smarter decisions, and allow our businesses to run with way more ease. And the best part? It’s completely personalized to your specific business.

Tune in to this livestream to get all the juicy details and learn more on what you can expect from us moving forward!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • An introduction to Datable and Jen (PS. A Lit Up Life is not going anywhere!)
  • The BEST way to measure and maximize data in your business (whether you are brand new or at a high level in business)
  • How to interpret your personalized information to drive your resources and results


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