Behind the Scenes of Booking Out

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes in my Value-Centered Sales® Mastermind? What do we talk about, what frameworks do I teach, and how does this framework help you book out your business (on repeat)?

Curious about what it REALLY looks like to implement a sales strategy that actually works and feels good to you?

That’s what we’re talking about in this special livestream with a round of my VCS masterminders Shari, Manisha, and Elisa!

We’re breaking down the Value-Centered Sales® process AND how to customize this strategy to your business so you see the results! This is such a valuable inside look at how to think about sales strategy and make it work for your business!

In this video, you’ll learn:
➡️ What to do when you’re working hard but not seeing results and how to know if your strategy needs to shift
➡️ How one business owner grew from no sales calls to fully booked sales calls in under 90 days (and our recommendation for business owners that don’t like free calls)
➡️ The power of networking, messaging, free value, and content in your business (and how to attract clients to your work consistently)
➡️ The proven framework for selling your services and how to customize this sales strategy to your business!


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