Behind the scenes: a typical day in my business

Curious about what *really* goes into running the day-to-day operations in my business?

In this livestream, I pull back the curtain and take a SERIOUS peek behind the scenes in my business. I shared who does what, what a typical day looks like, where I put my focus, and SO much more.

Here’s the breakdown:
• Where I started and why I’m a fan of doing things yourself first (1:18)
• What my business looks like now (4:47)
• The value in having support who can grow with you (6:57)
• Cultivating a relationship with your team (12:32)
• What a typical day looks like for me (15:39)
• The thing that’s really, really grown my business (30:02)
• Giving yourself permission to figure out what works for you (32:41)
• The questions to ask yourself right now (40:30)


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