Announcing our new NFT client (and season 8 coachee) with Sabrina

Miss out on my two big announcements this week? I had my client and friend Sabrina Philipp join me to help share and chat with you all about the details!

In January 2022, I opened up an auction for the opportunity to own a permanent coaching spot in my business (A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT). 

Sabrina was the winner, paying $20k for the NFT…and she decided to lease it out to someone else so they could skip the waitlist and get immediate access to coaching with me!

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to share who our new NFT client is AND reveal our coachee for Season 8 of the LITerally podcast!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Our Season 8 coachee, Angie, shares her background in education and what she does in her business
  • Sabrina explains what the NFT project is and why she felt Angie was the best choice for this coaching opportunity 
  • Our thoughts around working with people who are already in other coaching containers, what we tend to see happen in these circumstances, and Angie’s experience in a group Mastermind that led her to seek 1:1 coaching
  • The conversations Angie and I each felt were important to have before entering our coach-client relationship and appearing as the first WOC on LITerally
  • Sabrina’s advice for Angie on how to approach being the podcast coachee, specifically whether or not to listen to her own episodes as they’re published!

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