A truth that I need to share

Some of you will look at my 7 figure business and think my success came easily. In some ways it did, but in other ways, there is much more to the story (as there ALWAYS is with online business success, by the way). 

I went live because I have a truth that I needed to share.

I invite you to join me in a transparent conversation that I want every business owner to hear for encouragement, hope, and a lesson in doing business (and life) a more supportive way. 

This is something that isn’t spoken about often, but it’s important to me to be open and honest about what helps me as a woman business owner (and now mother, too!) every single day.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • One monumental thing that brings success and enjoyment to my business (and how you can apply this to any season of life you are in)
  • Why investing in coaching may not be what you need right now (and a mindset reframe on business investments)
  • Why you need to give yourself a break and stop comparing yourself to everyone else


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