A Lit Up Life’s $100k+ month from 1:1 coaching and a TRANSPARENT look at the journey to get here

A Lit Up Life had our first six figure MONTH in May. (And we’re on track to do over $1mil in cash this year.)

When I first launched A Lit Up Partnership years ago, I did it with the intention of putting my money where my mouth was and creating more accessibility to one-on-one in the coaching space. Because as you know, innovation and one-on-one are my JAM.

But as excited as I was to test out my new revenue share idea, I also didn’t know if it would work. I didn’t know it would ultimately scale my business in this way. I didn’t know anybody else with this business model. And I had a few people warn me it probably wouldn’t work.

Yet here. we. are. just a few years later (with, of course, some tweaks and changes made along the way) and I’m in AWE over this journey. I’m also incredibly aware that while I wouldn’t trade this business model for the world, innovating and running a business YOUR way is NOT always easy.

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, to share A Lit Up Life’s $100k+ month from 1:1 coaching and a TRANSPARENT look at the journey to get here.

From how this has evolved over the years, to what I wish I would have known earlier, to what makes a $100k month possible, I’m giving you a peek behind the curtain!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

• How A Lit Up Life hit $108k cash in May (and why this is PROOF you can build a business YOUR way)

• How to test innovative ideas with as little risk as possible (and how to weigh short-term investments with long-term rewards when making big decisions in your business)

• What things have contributed to us being on track for our first million-dollar year (and how one of my clients used these same things to take her launch from $5k to $79k)


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