A hack for making simple + strategic decisions in your business

There are *two* things I see keeping business owners from the results they want the MOST.

One I talk about all the time (oh hey mindset)

The other I talk about with my clients a ton but want to bring more to you because NOT having a strategy around this will almost guarantee your business is harder than it needs to be // your biz grows more slowly than maybe you want it to.

What’s that thing? ⬇️

Making simple + strategic decisions in your business.

Because having a strategy and a process around decisions will help every move you make in business feel 10x lighter. You’ll have more ease around deciding what to do next // what’s the right growth path for you, and that’ll make it 10x easier to move forward, execute consistently, and ultimately see the results you want.

You’ll love this conversation, especially if you’re not sure what’s next in your business!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Why I recommend a decision-making process that’s almost OPPOSITE to what the industry recommends (and why it works so freakin’ well for sales and sustainability)
  • How to EFFORTLESSLY motivate yourself to show up in your business for the long haul (and how that’ll help you grow more and have more fun)
  • The two things to filter EVERY decision through if you want to build a business that lights you the F up


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