A client’s in-depth perspective on The Partnership Model™ with Amanda Weber

Y’all are used to hearing me talk about how lit up I am by The Partnership Model™ and it’s no secret that my clients love working with me (many for years) in this process. It’s part of the reason I have a 500+ person waitlist and clients with some pretty epic results. 

But there’s a side to this conversation that I haven’t really brought you before that I think is just as valuable for you to hear: my clients’ perspective.

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my long-time client, Amanda Joyce Weber, where she shared her own perspective on the The Partnership Model™. Amanda is a Mindset and Sales Coach who started working with me in 2018 with the desire to pivot her design studio to the coaching work that was on her heart. 

You’ll hear what this business model felt like to her initially while building her business from the ground up. Plus, Amanda gave a behind-the-scenes look at why she decided to bring this revenue share process to her own business and why she feels it better supports her clients.

This conversation will be incredibly valuable whether you’re looking to bring the revenue share process to your own business, want insight on how you can support your clients more deeply (no matter what kind of business model you have) or want to prioritize long-term client relationships of your own.


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