Value-Centered Sales

The art of starting, getting, and keeping the sale

Sell in a way that feels good

Are you ready to make more sales in a way that feels good to you?
You know sales are a crucial part of success. in fact, they’re the back bone of your business. but…

You haven’t found a way to create sales that feels good to you.
You don’t have a framework that works for you and that allows you to convert consistently. You feel incredibly overwhelmed, and you don’t even know where to “start” in the sales process.

You know this has to change, and you know it has to change now if you want to make money and grow your business.

You are not alone, sister.

Hey, I’m Lacey, business mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs.

I know how icky the sales process can feel. When I started “learning” more about sales in this industry I was certain there had to be a better way, and that sales could feel good.

Luckily, I’ve been able to use my psychology and business background to create a process that both feels awesome and works.

I’ve built a multi six-figure business in under 16 months and convert my discovery calls at 85-90% consistently.

I know you want the same. A thriving business and a sales process that supports you in creating it.



  • Knowing how to start your sales process so you can attract more clients
  • Feeling confident in your ability to sell and communicate your value without that ick factor
  • Knowing that your potential clients are almost always a YES before they even get on the call with you and that they’re ready to pay
  • Being able to ensure that your discovery calls feel great for you AND for your potential client so that you can convert with ease
  • Seeing each objection as an opportunity for empowerment so that you’re no longer terrified of getting an objection but know exactly how to handle it
  • Setting income goals and actually hitting them because you know how to start, get, and KEEP the sale
  • Realizing that all of this? is possible for you


Value-Centered Sales ®

The Art of Starting, Getting, and Keeping the Sale

The program for entrepreneurs who are READY to learn the art of empowered sales and make it work in your business.

Value-Centered Sales® is a program to help you create a sales process that works in YOUR business, that allows you to do sales in a way that feels good to you + your clients, and that ultimately supports you in making those conversions, and creating more cash + clients in your business.

The truth is, I like depth. I like to go ALL IN because I really believe that’s where the BIG results and transformation occur.

That’s why this is a Value-Centered Sales® Mastermind with 3 people ONLY.

We’ll spend 12 weeks together, guiding you through the Value-Centered Sales® process. We’ll cover how to start, get and keep the sale as well as the mindset, strategy, and execution necessary to make this process work.

This program is an opportunity that you { literally } can’t afford to miss.

While I knew I wanted to work with Lacey before actually hiring her, I had no idea how impactful her influence would be on my business. Sure, we can measure it in terms of finances and literal metrics — booking dozens of discovery calls, adding almost an additional $20k revenue to my business, gaining several new clients, etc. But she also was a major influence in how I view myself as a business owner, how I operate as an empowered CEO, making major changes to ensure stability and security in my biz long term, and overall just really feeling like I know exactly how to reach out and make money whenever I need to.

Katrina Widener
Entrepreneur Coach

In Value-Centered Sales, I loved that there was the structure of the curriculum but also the freedom to bring whatever was arising for us. That combination was gold. During the program I created a repeatable process for filling my 1:1 coaching practice, sold my course to three new customers, booked one new individual client, and one new couple as clients. I also had my first $9,000 month in sales!

Kendra Cover
Intimacy Coach

I am quite frankly blown away by the results that I created thanks to Lacey and VCS. I was struggling in my business for more than a year and nothing seemed to work. During VCS I got my first calls booked and sold my first Intensive, and shortly after a second one. I was really struggling with getting people on the phone before and now I have a couple of calls every week!

I feel so much more sure and confident in myself and the value I offer as a coach. And I also feel like I “get” business now and feel 100% certain that I will book out my coaching practices because I know how to.

Elisa Becker
Success coach for female entrepreneurs

Working with Lacey was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Going through Value-Centered Sales helped me hit my first 5-figure month! I’m finally confident about jumping on sales calls AND closing the sale in a way that feels good for me and grows my finances in my business. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their sales in a big way!

Natalia Amador
Business & Online Marketing Coach

Over the last 12 weeks in Value-Centered Sales, I’ve had 10 people book free calls with me through organic marketing with $0 ad spend. (Previously, I would have spent between $500-$1000 a MONTH for those same 10 calls!) These calls led to 4 people saying YES to working with me, in addition to 3 additional new clients starting.

Kristina Voegele
Writer | Success Coach

While working with Lacey, I signed my first client for a brand new program, nearly doubled the size of my email list, and mapped out my entire sales process (follow-up emails included) for my new signature program!

During my time in the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind, I experienced some of the most transformative breakthroughs of my entrepreneur journey! I have a deeper belief in myself and my value. I’ve reframed several limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for way too long, and I’ve seen the amazing manifestations that are coming into my life now that I hold new and empowering beliefs.

Jackie Kossoff
Marketing Strategist & Success Coach

Value-Centered Sales helped me create a clear sales process that I can rinse and repeat. Lacey helped me believe in the value that I have to offer clients and help me slay that imposter syndrome. I feel much more confident when dealing with objections on sales calls (my biggest pain point). Using the methods I learned in VCS, I was able to start consistently booking five discovery calls per week, and I also sold three of my intensive offers, which I launched during my time in VCS. I highly recommend VCS to other entrepreneurs who need more confidence in selling.

Rachel Peavy
Wealth and Abundance Coach

Value-centered Sales Mastermind was THE best thing I have done for my business thus far. My content significantly improved. My ability to sell with confidence significantly improved. When I started the Mastermind, I was making $0 months. The last month of the Mastermind I made $4000 in sales and was consistently scheduling calls, and I had a 100% conversion rate. My following grew, my group membership grew, my sales grew, literally all parts of my business grew during the three months of the mastermind.

Lindsay Cavanagh
Military Marriage Coach

Value-Centered Sales was SO helpful in putting sales top of mind for me even as an established business owner, so I was able to cultivate someone in my existing audience and book them as a new client – and start attracting new people into my audience through the free sessions. I loved how flexible & fluid the program was – there was structure and a focus for each week, but Lacey was so supportive in making sure there wasn’t much pressure if we didn’t have time to make it through every video or if something from a past or upcoming topic was present for us in our business at a given moment. My personal favorite part were all the demos on objections! VCS is such a good foundation for online service providers who want to create content that converts their audience into clients in a high-integrity way.

Shari Balouchi
Business Strategy & Wellbeing Coach

Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, in the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind, I was able to sell 3 intensives during our time together and flipped the switch on my signature 6-month program! All this lead to 5 figures in revenue! More importantly, she helped me in owning my own value, which helped me to make a huge shift in my mentoring practice. Now, I feel so magnificently empowered as a woman in business.

Kowhai Dalton
Mentor for Spiritual Revolutions

Lacey is the real deal. I had tried other courses and group programs without any success. Being taught to copy someone’s funnels and sales scripts resulted in only a couple awkward discovery calls and no sales. During the Value Centered Sales mastermind, Lacey helped me completely change the way I look at marketing and sales calls. I increased my visibility and truly found my voice. During VCS I booked two intensives, and both went on to sign three month 1:1 coaching packages. So I made back my investment in VCS, x2! And more importantly, I learned how to repeat that process and book clients consistently, while staying authentic and building a values-driven, heart-centered business. I am so grateful for Lacey and for VCS!

Dr. Asha Bauer
Holistic Success Coach

Before working with Lacey on Value Centered Sales I was frozen every time I would get on the phone with potential clients. I knew what to do but I was not sure how I could do it in a way that felt good to me and was in alignment with my values. Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, I have been able to close clients without feeling sleazy and increased my close rate from less than 10% to 80%. More than just the numbers, I now feel 100% comfortable on sales calls and can have an open conversation with prospects to see if they are a good fit for ME as well.

Mariana Ruiz
Business Coach for Mompreneurs

In Value-Centered Sales I got more clarity around my message and was able to narrow it down in a way that included a more tangible result to share with potential clients. I gained confidence in taking potential clients through my sales process including getting more comfortable with follow ups.

Most of all I really enjoyed the safe space that was created amongst the group and how supportive it was. I felt very seen and heard in the container, and Lacey’s responsiveness in the FB group and turnaround time for comments was invaluable. I appreciated the level of generosity and encouragement she offered while also holding great boundaries.

Manisha Tare
Somatic Healer + Mentor

I came to Lacey with very little formal marketing/entrepreneurial knowledge. The way she explained things was totally accessible, even though I didn’t have experience with corporate jargon. Lacey helped me create a solid foundation from which to grow my business. She helped me set up systems and structures in my business based around my unique needs, and helped me step into the feeling of being a true CEO.

Lacey gave me SO much permission to be exactly who I am, even though that was scary because it’s outside of the box. She encouraged me to lean into my authenticity and how that attracts people to me. Her gentle encouragement helped me step up as a leader in the industry, running a business I LOVE that is fully authentic and on my terms!

Kari Cowell
The Anti-Soulmate Love Coach

Working with Lacey gave me the confidence to focus on one specific offering and in doing so has allowed me to refine my messaging and attract more of my ideal clients. Following the mastermind I have been able to book consistent clients and book out multiple months in advance for my 1:1 coaching. Lacey helped me find clarity in my business, which has been huge. This mastermind helped me build the confidence to own what I am here to do and recognise my place in being able to create the impact I desire.

Kristin Laffrey
Mindset and Business Coach

During my work with Lacey, I sold out my Mastermind and 1:1 coaching, and did it while enjoying my business and staying focused. My business became SOLD OUT! Getting Lacey’s feedback on critical steps of scaling my business was what I loved most about the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind. She helped me learn how to give myself more grace, and I gained more confidence in my work and strategy. I would 100% recommend Lacey and the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind to others!

Emily Otto
CEO, Rebelle INC

Working with Lacey was amazing. I felt so supported and seen. She is very skilled at business strategy and mindset. She always called me in when my brain was messing with me and got me back into such a positive mindset that helped me stay focused and determined. She is one of the best business coaches I’ve ever worked with and I recommend everyone take this mastermind with her. I sold out my own mastermind while in this container with Lacey. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jessica Lee
Video & Visibility Biz Coach

What you'll get...

  • 12 week container to guide you through the process with consistent access and support from me
  • 9 teaching videos (including transcripts) where you’ll learn the weekly lesson and how to apply it to your business
  • 9 workbooks to work through the lessons and ensure you’re staying on topic, making the information work for you, and applying it to your business
  • 6 group calls – meeting every other week throughout the program (think of the level of support with only 3 people on each call!)
  • Teaching demonstrations of how I host a discovery call and respond to objections
  • Accountability + opportunities to practice your process with your mastermind sisters
  • Private Facebook community with me + your mastermind sisters for extra support
  • Coaching around YOUR specific business and sales process

Program Outline

Getting sold on yourself + your value
You have to be sold on yourself before anyone else will be. We’ll dive into getting sold on yourself and knowing your value (both in your business and the sales process).

Leading with value
Getting super clear on how to lead with the value and how to communicate the value you deliver to your clients in your copy and content consistently.

Value-based relationships
Creating relationships that are mutually beneficial and that you can bring value to in order to further your value and have other people marketing for you.

Asking for the sale
Discover how you can ask for the sale without being salesy and how to make this a non-negotiable part of your business. We’ll craft a plan for asking for the sale in a way that feels good because this is truly a non-negotiable part of your business.

Knowing they’re a yes
Get in the right mindset to show up more confidently on sales calls and know your potential clients are a YES before they even get on the call. We’ll also get your pre-session questionnaire set up so you know your client before you even talk to them and confidently run and close the call.

The Discovery Call
Create a discovery call experience that is all about the client and gives them what they truly want to get out of the call (without having to coach or give services away). We’ll create a list of questions to pull from that leave you feeling at ease, not robotic.

Objections and Empowerment
Realize that every objection is an opportunity for empowerment, and how to overcome them in a way that leaves you and your client feeling awesome. You’ll even get to take part in live demos of me running a call and overcoming objections.

Getting the right yes
You don’t just want a yes, you want the right yes. We’ll focus on how to get yes’s from the right clients, how to turn someone down if they’re not a good fit, and how to ensure you’re in the right mindset to not just be chasing a YES.

Following up
Get expert strategy and mindset support on following-up in a way that feels good and that also generates you even more clients with more ease. We’ll craft follow-up emails and a tracking spreadsheet to ensure you continue to close even after the discovery call is over.



(Paid in full)

Or 3 payments of $675


The Value-Centered Sales Mastermind opens a handful of times per year, and often sells out a month (or more!) in advance. To be the first notified when enrollment opens, join the wait list below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Uh yeah!! The entire point of Value Centered Sales is to help you develop a sales process that helps you start, get and keep the sale in a repeatable way. We don’t even get to the discovery call until over halfway through the program! You need to start focusing on and thinking about sales right away in your business and this will support you in doing exactly that.

Having a sales process that is repeatable is what solves that problem long-term (and is exactly what we focus on in this program). Taking what’s worked in the past, adding smart sales strategy, and creating a process that feels good to you and your potential clients is what changes “I don’t know how” to “I know exactly what to do”.

In Value Centered Sales we implement a new step in the process every week so you can see it all coming together to create the bigger picture of what you’re working toward using simple, specific steps, which increases commitment and motivation. Rather than a massive 40+ person program or DIY course, the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind will have 3 people ONLY so that we can go DEEP. There are also 3 weeks of implementation to ensure that you’re executing like a boss. If you’re committed to creating a sales process that supports you this program has everything in place to encourage you to show up and make it happen.

Value Centered Sales is unlike any sales course out there. It’s not about scripts, one-size-fits-all formulas, or icky sales tactics. It’s designed to help you create a sales process that works FOR YOU. It’s not about having you do it MY WAY, but identifying your way. I’m not just here to teach and educate but to support you through creating your own process that serves you and your clients. You’ll get ACTIONABLE and easy to implement steps each week and you’ll get to witness me do discovery call and objection demonstrations to see my own process in action. This course really combines mindset, strategy, and execution in the biggest way to get you the biggest results.

I estimate your weekly homework will take you on average around 1 hour per week (give or take for different weeks). In addition, we’ll have an hour for the group calls every other week and the action items that come from that! But let’s be real… 1-2 hours per week for more money and more sales? Kind of a no-brainer.

The Value-Centered Sales Mastermind is $1997 if you pay in full, or 3 payments of $675. Here’s the truth- the access you get to me, the program, the resources, the biweekly calls, the support, etc. is INSANE for the price. If you got just ONE high-level client from this mastermind you’ll already be making your money back and then some. And you’ll have a process to do it again and again.

If there’s anything not covered here, you can email and I’ll answer each of your questions personally!

Final Note

The truth is, I CHERISH each day that this is the work I get to do.

I am so deeply GRATEFUL that I have found something in life that makes me feel this lit up each day.

I sit in AWE of my clients and the caliber of women I get to work with.

And while I am so proud of the results we create in their businesses, what I am MOST proud of is the women that they step into.

I care less about what they’re doing and I MARVEL at who they’re being.

So please know that while I love business, and I am HERE for talking a big game about big results, principles and ease- I am also here to go deep. I am here to hold space. I am here to create the container that lets you be ALL of you (the you that you FEEL inside, but aren’t quite sure if you’re ALLOWED to let out).

If that last part in particular gave you goosebumps then you’re probably my person, and I can’t wait to support you.

It is TRULY the gift of my life.