Value Centered Sales

Are you ready to make more sales in a way that feels good to you?


  • You haven’t found a way to create sales that feels good to you.  
  • You don’t have a framework that works for you and that allows you to convert consistently.  
  • You feel incredibly overwhelmed, and you don’t even know where to “start” in the sales process.  
  • You know this has to change, and you know it has to change now if you want to make money and grow your business.

You are not alone, sister.  

Hey, I'm Lacey, business mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs. 

I know how icky the sales process can feel. When I started “learning” more about sales in this industry I was certain there had to be a better way, and that sales could feel GOOD.  

Luckily, I’ve been able to use my psychology and business background to create a process that both feels awesome and works.  

I’ve built a multi six-figure business in under 16 months and convert my discovery calls at 85-90% consistently.  

I know you want the same. A thriving business and a sales process that supports you in creating it.


  • Knowing how to start your sales process so you can attract more clients
  • Feeling confident in your ability to sell and communicate your value without that ick factor
  • Knowing that your potential clients are almost always a YES before they even get on the call with you and that they’re ready to pay
  • Being able to ensure that your discovery calls feel great for you AND for your potential client so that you can convert with ease
  • Seeing each objection as an opportunity for empowerment so that you’re no longer terrified of getting an objection but know exactly how to handle it
  • Setting income goals and actually hitting them because you know how to start, get, and KEEP the sale
  • Realizing that all of this👆 is possible for you

That sounds pretty amazing right?


The program for entrepreneurs who are READY to learn the art of empowered sales and make it work in your business.

Value-Centered Sales™ is a program to help you create a sales process that works in YOUR business, that allows you to do sales in a way that feels good to you + your clients, and that ultimately supports you in making those conversions, and creating more cash + clients in your business.  

The truth is, I like depth. I like to go ALL IN because I really believe that’s where the BIG results and transformation occur.  

That’s why this is a Value-Centered Sales™ Mastermind with 3 people ONLY. 

We’ll spend 12 weeks together, guiding you through the Value-Centered Sales™ process. We’ll cover how to start, get and keep the sale as well as the mindset, strategy, and execution necessary to make this process work.  

This program is an opportunity that you {literally} can’t afford to miss.


  • 12 week container to guide you through the process with consistent access and support from me
  • 9 teaching videos (including transcripts) where you’ll learn the weekly lesson and how to apply it to your business
  • 9 workbooks to work through the lessons and ensure you’re staying on topic, making the information work for you, and applying it to your business
  • 9 group calls (think of the level of support with only 3 people on each call!)
  • 3 weeks off for implementation (this will only work if you’re executing like a boss)
  • Teaching demonstrations of how I host a discovery call and respond to objections
  • Accountability + opportunities to practice your process with your mastermind sisters
  • Private Facebook community with me + your mastermind sisters for extra support
  • Coaching around YOUR specific business and sales process

Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, in the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind, I was able to sell 3 intensives during our time together and flipped the switch on my signature 6-month program. All this lead to 5 figures in revenue! More importantly, she helped me in owning my own value, which helped me to make a huge shift in my mentoring practice. Now, I feel so magnificently empowered as a woman in business.

Kowhai Dalton, Mentor for Spiritual Revolutions

Working with Lacey was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Going through Value-Centered Sales helped me hit my first 5-figure month! I’m finally confident about jumping on sales calls AND closing the sale in a way that feels good for me and grows my finances in my business. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their sales in a big way!

Natalia Crawford, Business & Online Marketing Coach 

Before working with Lacey on Value Centered Sales™ I was frozen every time I would get on the phone with potential clients. I knew what to do but I was not sure how I could do it in a way that felt good to me and was in alignment with my values. Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, I have been able to close clients without feeling sleazy and increased my close rate from less than 10% to 80%. More than just the numbers, I now feel 100% comfortable on sales calls and can have an open conversation with prospects to see if they are a good fit for ME as well.

Mariana Ruiz, Business Coach for Mompreneurs

I truly believe this is one of the best investments I've made in my business thus far. Lacey was there every step of the way, providing feedback, tips, and lots of encouragement. I have so much more clarity in terms of how to navigate the process from posting to payment, including the dreaded clarity call. I more than made back my investment based not just on the tools, but the confidence that this program provided.

Sarah Cohn, Brand + Being Mentor


  • Your own value clearly written and documented so that you’re sold on YOU
  • The value you bring your clients written and documented so that you’re sold on the value you bring to them and can convey it effectively
  • Your pre-session questionnaire done allowing you to be so confident in what the client needs that it would be impossible not to deliver a stellar sales call
  • A pre sales call process designed to ensure you feel awesome and close sales
  • A list of your favorite questions to ask in a sales call so you have items to pull from to seal the deal, but don’t follow a robotic script
  • Written follow up emails and tracking sheets to make follow up a breeze and a non-negotiable in your business


Is Value-Centered Sales™ for me if I don't have clients yet? 

Uh yeah!! The entire point of Value Centered Sales™ is to help you develop a sales process that helps you start, get and keep the sale in a repeatable way. We don’t even get to the discovery call until over halfway through the program! You need to start focusing on and thinking about sales right away in your business and this will support you in doing exactly that.

I've gotten some clients here and there, but frankly, I don't know exactly how. How can this help? 

Having a sales process that is repeatable is what solves that problem long-term (and is exactly what we focus on in this program). Taking what’s worked in the past, adding smart sales strategy, and creating a process that feels good to you and your potential clients is what changes “I don’t know how” to “I know exactly what to do”.

I've taken programs before that I didn't complete. How is this different? 

In Value Centered Sales™ we implement a new step in the process every week so you can see it all coming together to create the bigger picture of what you’re working toward using simple, specific steps, which increases commitment and motivation. Rather than a massive 40+ person program or DIY course, the Value-Centered Sales Mastermind will have 3 people ONLY so that we can go DEEP. There are also 3 weeks of implementation to ensure that you’re executing like a boss. If you’re committed to creating a sales process that supports you this program has everything in place to encourage you to show up and make it happen.

How are you and Value-Centered Sales™ different from other sales courses? 

Value Centered Sales™ is unlike any sales course out there. It’s not about scripts, one-size-fits-all formulas, or icky sales tactics. It’s designed to help you create a sales process that works FOR YOU. It’s not about having you do it MY WAY, but identifying your way. I’m not just here to teach and educate but to support you through creating your own process that serves you and your clients. You’ll get ACTIONABLE and easy to implement steps each week and you’ll get to witness me do discovery call and objection demonstrations to see my own process in action. This course really combines mindset, strategy, and execution in the biggest way to get you the biggest results.

What's the time commitment? 

I estimate your weekly homework will take you on average around 1 hour per week (give or take for different weeks). In addition, we’ll have an hour for the group calls and the action items that come from that! But let’s be real… 1-2 hours per week for more money and more sales? Kind of a no-brainer.

What's the investment? 

The Value-Centered Sales™ Mastermind is $1997 if you pay in full, or 3 payments of $675. 

What if I have more questions? 

If there’s anything not covered here, you can email and I’ll answer each of your questions personally!

You interested? 

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