Are you ready to make more sales in a way that feels good to you?

Value-Centered Sales™ is my answer to all the sleazy sales stuff I was seeing and it was completely formulated from my own testing, tweaking, education, and experience. It’s also given my clients HUGE results and me an 85-90% conversion rate.

I believe in this program and what it’s about SO FREAKING DEEPLY that I’m completely changing up how it runs. Not because people didn’t get results both times. In fact, they got killer results.

But the truth is, I just like depth. I like to go ALL IN with you. I really believe that’s where the BIG results and transformation occur, and I’m willing to not have the massive 40+ person program launch in order to give that to you. Because that’s how my clients are creating 10k, 20k, and even 100k months.

Am I promising that to you? That’s a giant hell to the no {cause we all know that has a lot more to do with YOU than me}. BUT I am saying that this framework I’ve developed can help you achieve that in a way that feels good for you if you WORK IT.

That's why I've created the Value-Centered Sales™ Mastermind

a small cohort of 3 people ONLY 

This will include: 

  • weekly group calls (think of the level of support with only 3 people on each call), 
  • coaching around YOUR specific business and sales process, 
  • full access to my Value-Centered Sales program, and 
  • consistent access/support from me.

It will be 12 weeks {with 3 weeks off for implementation because this will only work if you’re executing like a boss}.

I want you to imagine actually selling (and making sales) in a way that feels good. 

You interested? 

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