Two Myths That Stop Entrepreneurs From Repurposing Content + How to Change It!

Sharing content consistently is something that most, if not all, online entrepreneurs place a lot of value on. We hear how important it is to connect with our audience every day but nobody ever tells us how to do it without being online 24/7!
My secret?
Planning AND repurposing my content!
I talk to so many amazing women that put a TON of pressure on themselves to create new, exciting content for every platform they’re on multiple times per day. This can be SO draining and unproductive.
The pressure we put on ourselves to constantly create NEW content usually leads to one of two things…..

1. You’re either totally overwhelmed and are spending too much time on content that will disappear by tomorrow.
2. You totally burn out and stop putting out ANY content.

We are often putting way more pressure on ourselves than is necessary around creating new content every day or every week.
Here are a couple of myths that stop entrepreneurs from repurposing content.

If we repurpose content, people will notice and stop following us

This is almost never true. Actually, people get MORE value out of hearing the same thing more than once before they start to implement it.
Repurposing content is actually helpful to your audience, not to mention, you get new followers all the time, so it’s unlikely everyone on your list has already heard everything you’ve said before!

We won’t be able to generate new clients

So many entrepreneurs have a fear that if they talk about the same things over and over that you won’t be able to GROW their following.
The truth is that when you talk about the same or similar subjects you can actually become known for helping your community and new followers with those specific topics. People will hear that you speak on those specific topics and will come looking for you to learn more, thus helping you to position yourself as an expert!

Still feeling stuck around HOW to repurpose your content effectively?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Post your content across all platforms. For example, combine shorter Facebook posts into a longer newsletter, or break a blog down into 5 pieces and make them social media posts. This allows you to make excellent use of your content and not constantly be writing new things.
  • Go back to an old topic and give it an updated spin. What’s happened with a client on this topic since you last chatted about it? Have your views changed? Use it to get inspired and to see how your experiences and ideas evolve and change over time.
  • Dive in deeper. If you know a topic resonates super well with your audience, go deeper with it. Host a live webinar or 5-day challenge, pitch the topic to a podcast, or find a peer to collaborate with on a pop-up workshop.

Repurposing your content not only makes things easier for you, but it also helps you track what resonates most with your audience. Once you have proof of what topics are most popular you can dive deeper into the specific topics that your audience finds the most value in.

Do you repurpose content? If not, how can you think of repurposing as a way that actually benefits you AND your audience?



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