Transform Your Biz With Gratitude + Celebration

I’m sharing how it’s worked for me, and what actionable steps you can take right now!

Since it was Thanksgiving Week here in the U.S. I am going to be slightly cheesy and talk about the role of gratitude and celebrating in your business, which I am certain is one of the main components to consistent success in business.

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude is so crucial when you’re an entrepreneur. We get to choose how we see things in our business and we get to control what shows up in our business based on our level of gratitude for what we already have.
At the beginning of my business I offered an assessment and remember telling my husband how bummed I was that only 10 women signed up as I really thought more would be interested.
As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized how ridiculous it sounded, and how ungrateful I was being for the 10 women that WERE interested. As soon as I shifted my thinking to being grateful for the 10 women I GOT to talk to (instead of whining about the 15 that I wanted) I had a total transformation.

I was super excited for the calls, exceptionally grateful for the women I was speaking with, and ended up getting a couple of clients and lots of amazing connections out of it.
Had I continued to live in that mindset of disappointment and self-sabotage I wouldn’t have showed up for the calls as my best self and then would have been even more disappointed when I didn’t sign any clients or create any great connections.
That is the power of gratitude. One of the ways I regularly cultivate a mindset of gratitude is to always check in with myself when I’m feeling stressed about a situation. Instead of asking “How can I change/control it?” I try to ask, “What is there here to be grateful for?”

Celebration is also a seriously important component of your business, and a beautiful way to show gratitude for everything that comes your way. I make it a point to celebrate EVERY milestone big or small in my business and I suggest/push/force ? all of my clients to do the same.
As entrepreneurs we are typically always reaching for the next goal or milestone, and we so often forget to relish in our accomplishments when they come. We are “on to the next” without enjoying the journey, which is the quickest path to burnout.
Instead, use celebration to show yourself and the universe how grateful you are for everything that comes your way- big or small. I celebrate every single time I get a client. I make it a big deal and practice massive gratitude for my new client, my current clients, my business, etc. and I truly believe THAT is what keeps me consistently booking more clients, and hitting five-figure months.
Lastly, gratitude journals are a killer tool for your biz. I know you’ve heard of keeping a gratitude journal in general, but have you thought about doing this specifically for your business?
I started this recently and now I write at least three things I am grateful for in my business daily and I write at least three things I want in my business as if they’re already happening and I’m already expressing gratitude for them.
1. I am so thankful for the amazing call I had today with one of my clients who is making major progress in her biz (current)
2. I am so grateful to close out December with another five-figure month that helped me treat my family to a very fun Christmas (future-already expressing gratitude)
This allows me to feel the feelings, get grateful, and get clear on why
I’m doing what I’m doing and what I want to see happen in my business, and it only takes a few minutes each day.
So let’s talk actionable steps:

  1. Notice “how” you’re looking at things in your business. Instead of asking, “How can I change/control it?” try to ask, “What is there here to be grateful for?”
  2. Celebrate EVERY success (big or small)
  3. Keep a gratitude journal for your biz – 3 things you’re grateful for that HAVE happened + 3 things you’re grateful for that you WANT to happen (as if they’ve already happened)

I hope you find this helpful and I hope you know how truly grateful I am for all of YOU. 
Now it’s your turn to get on the gratitude train… comment below and tell me… how do you incorporate gratitude into your business or which actionable steps are you going to start using?


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