This Time Last Year My Business Didn't Even Exist…

I am setting intentions for May today, and one of my intentions is to provide you more real, raw content about what it really takes to build a successful business. I mean #letsgetreal … there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and it’s time to start talking about it! So here it goes….
This time last year this business didn’t even exist, and it wouldn’t for another 2.5 months.
And now? I’m close to crossing the 100K mark in this business (a little past the 90K mark right now).
But before I go any further…. let’s get something out of the way… this isn’t one of those posts about how easy it is to make 100K in 10 minutes…it’s going to take me over 9 months (which by the way I still think is pretty good!). This is one of those posts about what did and didn’t go INTO making that money.

What went into it:
*Relentless focus and dedication
*Clarity on exactly what my message was and what I wanted to create
*Trips, stumbles, and lots of willingness to pivot
*Work… a lot of work (yes, I worked more than 10 hours per week!)
*Showing up DAILY
*Tears, lost sleep, and some self-doubt
*Commitment to growth, self-care, and pouring from a full (almost full?) cup
*Saying YES to the right things, and being unapologetic about saying no to the wrong things
*Staying super connected to my WHY
*Showing up as a leader
*A willingness to over-deliver and give major value whenever possible (from free content to paid clients)
*A mindset for success
*A planned out strategy
*Consistent execution
What didn’t go into it:
*Following one set roadmap
*Never failing or stumbling
*Being “too good” for any opportunity
*Charging super high rates
*Doing it all on my own
*Copying/following others
*Jumping 5 steps ahead and not focusing on the step in front of me
*Being driven only by the money
*Working 24/7
The point is that there is no one secret to building a great business. It’s certainly not done without pivots, some self-doubt, and the occasional tears. It’s also not done without support, and leaning on others when needed.
However, if I didn’t even have this business at this time last year (or for 2.5 more months) imagine what is possible for YOU if you got relentlessly committed, created a mindset for success, a killer strategy, and executed consistently. You don’t have to wait for that magic pill, step by step roadmap, or to take one more course. You can start now. Right now. And just imagine where you could be in 9 months!
Hope you have a beautiful week, and get your intentions set for the new month!