The One Comparison That Can Break Your Business

A big block for many of us is that we compare our current business to our future business, and getting stuck/frustrated/overwhelmed that we aren’t there yet.
I feel really passionate about this topic because it keeps too many amazing entrepreneurs from moving forward and taking the consistent right actions that will lead them to the success they desire!
Despite all of the noise we’re bombarded with each day, building a business really is a PROCESS that takes a ton of time, energy, and patience. We’re never “DONE”, which can be very challenging to realize (especially for high-performers).
The question then becomes: “How can we work toward our goals and enjoy the process rather than always being focused on the end result?”
Here are some key steps to working through this issue.

Not letting our BIG goals intimidate us

I believe in having big goals, intentions, and desires.
I also believe in not letting those big goals be the sword we wield against ourselves.
You know what I mean… that thing we do where even HAVING a goal that isn’t ours yet makes us “wrong” or “not good enough”? Yup, we’ve ALL been there.
The secret for me is getting excited about that goal, using past “evidence” that I CAN accomplish awesome things, and feeling the feelings of having that goal NOW that makes it a positive RATHER than a negative in my business.

Live for the journey, not the destination

We often forget that any business worth building takes time! We can either spend that time making ourselves miserable or we can enjoy it.
It can be easy to see six-figure business owners sharing all their successes, highlight reels, and fancy pictures and make that your goal without ever looking at the actual steps, struggles, and serious effort that it took to get there.
We can tell ourselves the story that we can’t celebrate our successes until we hit this elusive number, have our “big launch”, or make our first luxurious purchase.
And what I want to focus on is this… There is a way to both deeply desire to meet those goals and to also be deeply happy with where you are.
And even more importantly… the way to get to those goals is actually TO celebrate where we are, the effort we’re putting in, and the growth that’s taking place.
So, choose to really have fun with the process and get excited + motivated by future possibilities!

Practice gratitude

One of the ways we can work through this issue of comparison is by practicing gratitude for our CURRENT business! Part of enjoying the journey is being grateful for where we are and how far we’ve come.
We are so often focused on the next goal or end result that we forget that we’ve made huge leaps, up-leveled, done some major self-improvement, etc.
Take some time to write a love letter to your current business and hang it up above your workspace as a reminder to be grateful for where you’re at (and how far you’ve come) just as much as you’re excited about where you’re going!
When we start to enjoy the process, give ourselves credit of what we have achieved, and dream about the future with desire and excitement rather than feelings of failure and overwhelm … everything in our business can shift.


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