Content System Template

Learn the exact process I use as the COO of A Lit Up Life to plan + share content AND sell consistently, so that we continue to provide value + grow the business (even during times of chaos).

One of the key reasons we continue to grow year over year at A Lit Up Life is because we make it a top priority to share valuable content AND sell consistently. And we’re able to do it all with ease, thanks to the content planning system that I’ve developed.

I’m Megan Schopieray, and as the Chief Operating Officer of A Lit Up Life, it’s my job to make sure everything happens smoothly behind-the-scenes so that even during busy seasons (or a worldwide pandemic), we’re still serving at a high level and showing up consistently.

This content system organizes all of Lacey’s content, makes it easy to keep track of what posts go out when and where on social media, and helps us plan out what we’re promoting each week.

Now I’m sharing it with you!

Learn the exact process I created for A Lit Up Life that allows us to continue to provide value, build relationships, and grow the business (even during times of chaos).

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Lacey’s Content Planning Party system to plan out the topics for her weekly content, then this template shows you what we do with that content after it’s written… how we organize it, how we share it with team, how we plan out what post gets posted where and when throughout the week, and how we add in sales/promo posts into the mix to make sure we’re providing value and selling consistently.

Nope! I do explain how we use and share this with our team, but you can use this process even if you’re flying solo. The main goal is to create a simple process to plan out your content, keep track of where/when it’s posted, and keep everything organized. Then, when you do start to hire a team, you have a system in place that you can easily train them on.

We use Google Drive for all of our content systems, but you can customize the general process using any platform.

Email me at and I’ll answer any other questions you have!

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