Team + Systems Support

with my COO Megan Schopieray

If you’re looking for resources and support around team and systems in your business, my COO Megan Schopieray is the perfect person to go to! Although she is full with clients, she has templates, trainings, and resources to help your business and team run efficiently behind the scenes.

I’m not an affiliate, I share these resources because I’m Megan’s biggest fan. I have seen time and time again how brilliant she is at all things systems + team and I hope you get to experience a bit of her magic and expertise – the same magic + expertise that keeps A Lit Up Life running!!

How to Hire with Ease

Megan has hired every single person on our team (and we seriously have THE most incredible team and I feel SO supported every day!). In this training + template bundle, she shares her exact 5-step process to finding + hiring the perfect team member – plus all the templates + resources you need to make the process simple and streamlined. If you’re looking to hire a VA, OBM, or another done-for-you service provider, this is for you!

Team Empowerment Program

Megan has created a program to train your team FOR you. If you’re busy + you don’t have the time, headspace, or capacity to train your team well/quickly… Megan’s program will help your team learn the online industry, learn their role well, and receive all the support, guidance, and resources needed to feel good about staying in and supporting your business long-term! Megan has trained every single person on our team (most of whom had zero prior experience in this space) and we have the most amazing team ever and I feel SO supported every day because of it– so if you’re looking for team support, make sure to check out her team training program.

Streamlined Systems

Whether you’re looking to streamline your content system, plan your maternity leave (or long vacation), launch a new podcast, or consistently manage and promote your podcast, Megan has a system for you! Megan’s excellent at keeping things simple + streamlined, and now she’s sharing her exact processes to help your business run smoothly behind the scenes, too!